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"What Time is it There?" DVD
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"What Time is it There?" DVD

WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? (Ni Neibian Ji Dian?)
(Tsai Ming-Liang/ 2001/ Taiwan/France/ 116 min)

In Mandarin with English subtitles.

We are glad to inform you that Tsai Ming-Liang has asked Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia to help distribute/sell his latest film on DVD, at RM60.

This is an original produced in Taiwan, with extras like a dvd on the making of his film, an A3 size poster, and 8 postcards of film stills or scenes from the making of..., all packed in an attractive high quality folder enclosed in a plastic slipcase - great value for the money, we'd think. Beats the version recently aired on Astro, naturally: intact, no excisions.

We don't earn commission on this, rather it's a return favour to Tsai who graciously honoured our homage to him in 1998 by his presence gratis and helped us earn some substantial, useful income. Basically Tsai has become a good friend of the club.

We hope to distribute/sell the dvd throughout Malaysia by direct means, we can't afford agents' fee/commission, and we hope our members & friends could help publicise the sale. If we succeed, we will have demonstrated to Tsai the effectiveness and power of amateurs & film buffs to market an internationally acclaimed film in stark contrast to the crass commercialism of the usual channels that he so obviously loathes.

In the meantime, copies will be available for purchase on our regular screening nights at HELP Institute.

Or call 012-2255136 for info on other points-of-purchase.

Wong Tuck Cheong
President of Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia