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The Family Way

Roy Boulting; GB, 1966, 120min

Based on Bill Naughton's warm-hearted play, The Family Way is a thought-provoking exploration of the emotional impact of the 1960s sexual revolution. Hayley Mills stars in her first adultfilm with Hywel Bennett as two sensitive youngsters who fail to consummate their marriage, following the vulgar ribaldry of their typically working class Lancashire wedding. Considered controversial in 1966, The Family Way remains a warm gentle comedy for manners, morals and manhood.

Mon 4 Sept

Girls Can't Swim

Anne-Sophie Birot; France, 2000, 102min

A candid and delicately observed story of the deep friendship between two teenage girls: Gwen is a sunny, free-spirited 15-year-old who lives on the Brittany coast. Her best friend Lise is an intense city girl who comes every year to spend the summer. But this year is different: the death of her estranged father keeps Lise at home, the impassioned latters she exchanges with Gwen being the only thing that sustains her amidst the turmoil. When they finally meet, the realities of ruthless, impending adulthood threaten to tear their friendship apart. Starring rising French star Isild Le Besco (playing Gwen) who won a French Cesar nomination for Promising Newcomer in 2002.

Mon 11 Sept

The Architecture of Doom

Peter Cohen; US, 1991, 119 min, colour & bw)

Featuring hitherto-unseen footage of Hitler and the Nazi regime, this film captures the inner workings of the Third Reich and illuminates Nazi ideals of art, architecture and popular culture, emphasising in particular Hitler's fascination with ancient Greece and Rome and his dream of a new Golden Age of classical art and monumental architecture, populated by beautiful, patriotic Aryans.

Mon 18 Sept

Western AF

Manuel Poirier; France, 1997, 134min

This amiable road movie follows two misfits ; Catalan shoe salesman Paco and vertically-challenged Russian-Italian Nino ; who meet under inauspicious circumstances as they travel through Brittany. Nothing extraordinary happens, but it's often funny and touching, mainly because the focus is on the credible, charming but never sentimentalised characters. A modest film, but immensely engaging.

Mon 25 Sept 8.30pm

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