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Medium Cool

Haskell Wexler; US, 1969, 111 min

Famed cinematographer Wexler's cultish film about moral responsibility in the media, focusing on a TV cameraman, John Cassellis, who films events with frosty detachment until personal persecution and social injustices stir him into political consciousness. A fascinating fusion of cinéma vérité and political radicalism, it is one of the few counterculture films of the 1960s to actually remain relevant. It provided the inspiration for films like Volker Schlöndorff&'s classic Circle of Deceit (1981).

Monday 10 July

Delicatessen AF

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro; France, 1990, 99 min

Somewhere in the mist-shrouded future of France, Louison, a grieving ex-clown takes a job as janitor in a crumbling apartment block. Unbeknown to him, this job has a history and previous incumbents have ended up on the neighbour's dinner table via the butcher's block. When Louison innocently falls for the butcher's myopic daughter, the knife is held back to spare her feelings. But as bellies begin to rumble, will love be enough to keep Louison out of le charcuterie? Increasingly inventive as it progresses, this fast funny debut film entertains from sinister start to frantic finish. One of Time Out magazine's list of top 100 films.

Monday 17 July

The Gleaners and I

Agnès Varda; France, 2000, 82 min

Beginning with the famous Jean-François Millet painting of women gathering what's left over from a harvest, Agnès Varda focuses her ever-seeking eye on gleaners: those who scour already-reaped fields for the odd potato or turnip. Her investigation leads us from forgotten corners of the French countryside to off-hours at the green markets of Paris, following those who insist on finding a use for that which society has cast off, whether out of necessity or activism. Varda's own ruminations on her life as a filmmaker give her a connection to her subjects that creates a touching human portrait. Best Documentary 2001: New York Film Critics Circle, Chicago International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Monday 24 July


Takeshi Kitano; Japan, 2002, 114 min

Inspired by the everlasting emotions expressed in Bunraku doll theatre, legendary director and actor Takeshi Kitano departs from his usual stylish gangster thrillers to present a masterpiece that is both artistic and moving. Bound by a long red cord, a young couple wanders in search of something they have tragically forgotten. An aging yakuza mysteriously returns to the park where he used to meet his long-past girlfriend. A disfigured pop star confronts the phenomenal devotion of her biggest fan. Three stories delicately intertwined by the beauty of sadness. With stunning photography shot with the magical colours of the four seasons, and costumes by world-renowned fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Monday 31 July

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