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Malaysian Shorts
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Malaysian Shorts

Continuing our deservedly popular series that is aimed at discovering and showcasing new talent and new works, with a chance to vote for your favourite films of the evening. Open to the public.

Monday 7 August

Malaysian Documentaries

A series that holds a mirror to the increasing popularity and variety of the documentary genre in Malaysian cinema. Open to the public.

Monday 14 August

Woman of Breakwater

Mario O"Hara; Philippines, 2004, 124 min

This film is set amongst the marginalised community living along the Manila Bay breakwater who collect flotsam and make a living by fishing, selling what they find on shore, begging and whoring. Basilio arrives from the poor provinces, meets Paquita, a young prostitute, and forms a bond with her, healing her body and renewing her heart. Paquita in return offers him her love and protects him from the ugliness around them, but their happiness is constantly threatened by Bosing, a bitter, ex-policeman who holds the breakwater area in his cruel grip. Featuring dazzling performances from leads Katherine Luna and Kristoffer King, this film has been hailed as a resurgent work of Filipino cinema not seen since the days of Lino Brocka.

Monday 21 August

Les Enfants du Paradis (The Children of Paradise) AF

Marcel Carné; France, 1945, 187 min

A masterpiece of French cinema focusing on a trio of theatre performers who are captivated by an insouciant whore Arletty. Onto the inconsequential plot, Marcel Carné pastes a witty and graceful rondo of passions and perversities set in the Boulevard du Crime, the home of Parisian popular theatre in the early 19th century, where mimes and mountebanks rub shoulders with aristocrats and assassins. Flawlessly executed and with a peerless cast, so perfectly at home in its period that it never seems like a costume picture, and at over 3 hours not a moment too long. (Time Out).

Monday 29 August

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