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December 2006

The Sun
Alexander Sokurov; Russia, 2005, 115 min
Sokurov’s latest film is a chronicle of a day in the life of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito, when he orders Japan’s surrender to the Allies at the end of WWII and renounces his imperial claim to divinity, meets with chiefs of staff, spends time on personal interests (marine biology, haiku, Hollywood stars) – a day despite its historic import, lived by a human rather than the descendant of a sun goddess. Lending credibility to Sokurov’s version of history is Issey Ogata’s witty, touching and supremely expressive performance as the Emperor, who by abrogating his imperial privilege and divine status, liberates his people, his family and himself from a death-wish deeply ingrain Taur ed in 20th century life. ‘A fine, fascinating film, superior to its predecessors Moloch and Taurus’ (Variety).
Mon 4 Dec

Malaysian Shorts
New short works that testify to the thriving indie scene. Curated and programmed by Amir Muhammad, with a chance to vote for the favourite titles and for discussion with the directors. Free admission.
Mon 11 Dec

Malaysian Documentaries
New works; new faces; new themes. Curated by Amir Muhammad. Discussion follows the screening. Free admission.
Mon 18 Dec

Shoot the Pianist (Tirez sur le Pianiste) AF
François Truffaut; France, 1960, 80 min
Truffaut’s second feature is a key film of the French New Wave. It is a strange pastiche of gangster movie, love story, and cabaret film, with a totally unpredictable plot about a lonely pianist with a past, the story by turns comic and pathetic, often flashing midstream from one mood to the other. Charles Aznavour’s performance as the wounded hero is a masterstroke of casting.
Mon 22 Dec

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