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July 29 2002:
Dir. Zhang Yuan. China. 94 min
In Mandarin with English subtitles.
A-Lan, a young gay man, is arrested in a Beijing cruising park and held for interrogation by Shi, a macho but latently ambivalent cop. As A-Lan recounts his life since childhood, it becomes clear that his stories are actually expressions of desire for the cop. This intense chamber drama is the most intense of all the independent films made in China in the 90s, and caused director Zhang Yuan to have his passport confiscated by the authorities. 


August 5:
Dir. Alejandro Amenabar. Spain. 2 hr 5 min.
In Spanish with English subtitles.
Angela is a student researching violence in the media. She gets more than she bargained for when she asks a gorefest freak to show her some of his heaviest videos. Her professor dies after watching what turns out to be a snuff movie, and she becomes embroiled in a complex web of lies, conspiracy and murder. This provocative and gripping thriller is a tribute to the precocious talent of Amenabar (director of the Hollywood flick The Others) who was only 23 when it was made.


Aug 12:
Dir. Harmony Korine. USA. 1 hr 34 min.
In English.
The first American film to be made under the Dogme 95 banner (Korine used dozens of lightweight DV cameras to shoot it) this eagerly-awaited follow-up to the controversial Gummo is less gratuitously shocking and more mature, a jazzy, free-association cine-poem about a dysfunctional family headed by stern disciplinarian Werner Herzog. "Enfant terrible Korine ... is still the most exciting talent in American cinema." - Time Out.

Aug 26:
We present another instalment of our popular series of short films by Malaysian filmmakers who will be present to discuss their works.