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Malaysian Shorts: 1 December, 2003
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"What Time is it There?" DVD

1 December 2003

Curated by Bernard Chauly

Audience Choice Awards

Gold: KING OF FRUITS by Jon Yap & Kim Ong
Bronze: SEMALAM EMPAT JIWA by Jimmy Choong Meng Wah

All Titles:

1. I May Be Malaysian But I Carry A Big Stick (2003, Zan Azlee, 3 min)

"A gazillion Dr M tributes were appearing in the papers and on TV. I didn't want to feel left out." (Zan Azlee)

2. Raaga Mood (2003, Sylvia Ong, 16 min)

A story about a widow, who desires to see her daughter, Rekha, succeed as a  great bharathanatyam dancer.

3. Jom Mamak, (2003, Kim Ong, 4 min)

A group of people make rhythms with everyday utensils while waiting for their food. (Best Tertiary Student Project - interactive video, APICTA, 2003)

4. Semalam Empat Jiwa (2003, Jimmy Choong Meng Wah, 17 min)

One night, four lovers. A typical compact Malay love drama?

5. Working Sunday (2003, Aaron Chung, 5 min)

Sunday-light robbery by the best.

6. 1979 (2003, Albert Hue, 26 min)

Set across three hours in one afternoon, Lum Wai Sum deals with the recent death of his father, sister and his gay lover.

7. Lose Yourself (2003, Lau Ming Yeow & Chong Meng Yong, 4 min)

Shorter version of the song by Eminem from the film "8 Mile."
(Gold Awards College Team Category Universal Music & Home Video, Cyberjaya Digital Video Competition 2003)

8. The Black, White & Grey (2003, Zan Azlee, 14 min)

Issues of labour policies, politics and sexual preferences are revealed during a short bus trip in KL.

9. infinitemess, (2003, Linus Chung, 10 min)

Life is already sometimes like going to war. . . How much darker would things be at war? (Linus Chung)

10. King of Fruits (2003, Jon Yap & Kim Ong, 5 min)

Fruits magically come alive to battle for a prestigious title. The question tonight is who will be the King of Fruits?

11. Esperanda Por Felicidad (2003, Tan Chui Mui, 8 min)

Happiness passes by in the seventh minute of the film. You might see it. You might not. (Winner, Fly by Night Video Challenge, Singapore, 2003)