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Malaysian Shorts: 6 December 2004

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"What Time is it There?" DVD

Mon, 6th December 2004
8.00pm, HELP Institute, KL

Curated by Bernard Chauly & Amir Muhammad


Gold: AN INTERVIEW WITH A POOL by Colin Chee Guo Lin
Silver: A TREE IN TANJUNG MALIM by Tan Chui Mui
Bronze: GREY AVENUE by Eugene Foo

All titles:

1. GREY AVENUE (Eugene Foo / 2004 / 5mins / animation)
A visual feast of a surreal world that brings the emotional state of mind to surface when a Malaysian youth is placed in a foreign land.
(Eugene Foo studied at RMIT, currently a co-lecturer at LUCT. His previous animation, Ginseng, won Best Short Film - Animation at the 8th MVA.)

2. RED DRAWING (Margaret Bong / 2004 / 13mins / narrative)
Fo You, 10, never forgets every opening scene of Chinese Opera that he has ever seen.
(Margaret Bong is still pursuing a degree in Cinematography at UNIMAS. "Red Drawing" has been selected for the 2005 Rotterdam International Film Festival)

3. PANIC ATTACKS ( Wayne Ho & Quah Chia Seang / 2mins / experimental)
Spontaneity, rawness, darkly humorous imagery. . . with an anti-smoking message.
(Wayne Ho, never sure whether to call himself an animator or a designer, won Best Experimental Video - Animation at the 8th MVA, 2003, Quah Chia Seang is his colleague and creative equal)

4. THERE IS A DAY (Brenda Danker / 8mins / narrative)
A woman and her child. Fatality and identity. An end but also a beginning.
(Brenda Danker was producing and directing TV programmes before pursuing her MA in Screen Drama Direction at Goldsmiths College, London.)

5. CYCLE OF THOUGHT (KH Leong / 2004 / 4mins / animation)
The cycling of ideas, thoughts, memories and emotions make the human mind the most complex creation of nature.
(Although a graduate of Interior Architecture and Design, KH Leong's interest in art does not start or end there.)

6. A HAPPY LIFE (Herman Ishak / 6mins / narrative)
Childhood can be many things.
(Herman Ishak played football competitively before studying at CENFAD, where he is finishing his studies in Broadcast Arts)

7. DEFILED (Desmond Hew / 18mins / narrative)
Tommy's just a guy out to make a name for himself in the underworld of crime. Guns-and-Gore like no other Malaysian production before.

8. SAMA ORIGE (Bryant Low / 6mins / narrative)
A hilarious short, featuring one of Asia's superstars. . . Ultraman!
(Bryant Low is a director of TV commercials, shorts as well as feature length pieces.)

9. FEATHERED SKIN (Johannis Macdonald / 2004 / 10mins / experimental)
Noelle's favourite pastime is origami and Harry believes that this is the way to her heart.
(After graduating from CENFAD, Johannis McDonald continued majoring in Film and Video at Kent Institute of Art and Design.)

10. AVE MOBIL (Chris Cheng / 6mins / animation)
A little girl is trapped in a lone old town where she doesn't grow or die.
(Chris Cheng is currently jobless, after graduating from MMU majoring in Film & Animation)

11. AN INTERVIEW WITH A POOL (Colin Chee Guo Lin / 2003 / 13mins / narrative)
See Yuan sets up his camera near the window one day and hopes that inspiration will dawn upon him.
(Chee Guo Lin is currently pursuing a degree at Multimedia University, having previously studied at LUCT.)

12. ARMS OF MARIANNE (Mussadique & Hafez Jordan Suleiman, Rauf Fadzilla, Joshua Wong / 5mins / music video)
This Pete Teo music video won Best Of 9th MVA, Best Music Video at AIM 2004 and was the only foreign entry to make it into the finals at the American Music Award's "Just Plain Folk".
(The 4 talented guys make up Voxel Imaging , right now engaged in raking enough funds to kick start 2 animated TV show ideas.)

13. A TREE IN TANJUNG MALIM (Tan Chui Mui / 22mins / narrative)
A fictional autobiography of the director's youth. In memory of a tree in Tanjung Malim.
(Tan Chui Mui is a producer/director/writer/editor/tutor that is proving to be a prominent female Malaysian filmmaking voice. "A Tree in Tanjung Malim" was selected for the 2005 Rotterdam International Film Fest.)