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Malaysian Shorts: 26 August 2002
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"What Time is it There?" DVD

26 August 2002.

Curated by Amir Muhammad

(The Audience Choice Awards had not yet been instituted)

All titles:

1. EMU KWAN'S TRAGIC BREAKFAST (James Lee, 25 min).
In English.
Experimental movie about one woman and her three one-night stands. Fully improvised with the cast. Starring Merissa Teh, Chew Kin Wah, Julian Jayaseela and Ann Lee. Screened in a different format at the National Art Gallery KL earlier this year.

2. ARTICLE 19 (Eddie Lau, 5 min).
In English.
About the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Made at RMIT Australia.

3. THE ESCAPE (Samra Sahuri, 5 min) .
No dialogue.
A domestic worker seeks a way out. Made at Limkokwing Institute.

4. BLIND DATE (Hann, 8 min).
In English.
A one-day video diary about a man and his cyber-date. First public screening.

5. DAMMED (Jon Yap, 23 min).
In English, Malay and Mandarin (with English subtitles).
Documentary on controversial Selangor River Dam, including its negative impact on the environment and indigenous population. Made at Limkokwing Institute. Screened at festivals in Manila, Bangkok and Singapore.

In English.
A man who works with scrap-metal, as described by his young son. A mix of documentary and animation. First public screening.

7. CUT!!! (Nekhat Sultana, Cheah Yew Chung, Farhan Wahidi & Mohd Zahir, 4 min).
In Malay (with English subtitles)
Animation comedy about an actor who idolises the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee. Made at Multimedia University.

8. CERITA FARIDAH DAN RAKAN2 (Abror Rivai, 10 min)
In Malay (no subtitles).
A class is instructed to create the synopsis for "a truly Malaysian film." Made at UiTM Shah Alam, where it won the Best Student Video this year.

9. COFFEE-SHOP (Teo Yong Jin, Saw Teck Harng, Lau Weng Yean & Lee Yow Chuan , 6 min).
In Mandarin (with English subtitles).
3-D animation about a family that owns, and then loses, a traditional coffee-shop. Made at Multimedia University. Award: Runner-up, Best International Short, 2002 Thai Short Film & Video Festival.