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"What Time is it There?" DVD

25 November 2002

Curated by Amir Muhammad

(The Audience Choice Awards had not yet been instituted).

All titles:

1. The Hitchhiker (Directed by Jon Yap & Leong Kooi Soon, 15 min)
A hitchhiker gets picked up one dark night. A horror movie with a
difference -- you will never look at sandwiches in the same way again.

2. Tanjong Kelang (Directed by Abror Rivai, 8 min)
Two young men journey from Kuala Lumpur. They talk about two girls, the first named Tanjong and the second named Melor. The twist is provided in the very last sentence. Based on a Shahnon Ahmad short story and made at UiTm Shah Alam.

3. That Historical Feeling (Directed by Huzir Sulaiman, 25 min)
Eddie, an American sports writer, meets Catherine, a Malaysian Chinese woman, at the old KL railway station. He wants to find out more about Malaysia in the wake of the September 11 bombings, and she is happy to oblige.

4. Warning (Directed Ray Langenbach, 6 min)
This experimental video, comprising text and found footage, was created specifically for the ArtisProActiv pavilion of Korea's Gwangju Arts Biennale 2002.

5. Home is Where the Heart is (Directed by Linus Chung, 6 min)
Silent short about a woman who moves into a room in which, unknown to her, something terrible had once happened.

6. Petrol-Parking (Directed by Amir Muhammad, 6 min)
Two attendants in KL talk about work, immigration and technology. Commissioned as part of a regional anthology, Digital Compassion, that will premiere in Singapore on Dec 12.

7. Living Elsewhere (Directed by Tan Chui Mui, 10 min)
A young man, whose life is filled with post-collegiate ennui, finds out that his father just died. Should he go to the funeral or stick with his video-games?

8. A Melodrama Evening (Deepak Kumaran Menon, 4 min)
Animated work about traditional Chinese opera. Made at MultiMedia University.

9. Too Late (Deepak Kumaran Menon, 1 min)
Very short work set in Jalan Tun HS Lee, which suddenly gets filled with fish!

10. Trailer for The Locked Room (Directed by Naeim Ghalili, 2 min)
Kai Sheong's troubled marriage and financial problems lead him to make choices: Rent his flat, lock one room and keep the key. Sneak preview of an upcoming suspense-thriller shot in Singapore.

11. Trailer for Room to Let (Directed by James Lee, 2 min)
Berg moves to KL and rents a room from Andrew. But something's odd about his new house. Preview of an upcoming DV feature that will screen next month.

12. Killervator (Directed by Patrick Lim, 10 min)
A tribute to B-grade horror movies. See what happens to two film students in the final hours before their disappearance. Not for the squeamish.

13. Don't Play-Play (Directed by Liew Seng Tat, 7 min)
Animated work about a slightly senile man and his mischievous grandson. While on their way to the neighbourhood coffee-shop, the man has flashbacks of his former lover, who had met a bizarre end nearby. Made at MultiMedia University.

14. The Good and the Evil (Directed by Liew Seng Tat, 2 min)
Animated work about two severed body parts: a hand and a mouth.