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"What Time is it There?" DVD

31 March 2003

Curated by Amir Muhammad

Audience Choice Awards:


Silver: FATHER by Shamyl Othman

Bronze: THE LOCKED ROOM by Naeim Ghalili

1. The Locked Room (17 min, Singapore-Malaysia, directed by Naeim Ghalili, 2003)

Has Kai Sheong bent the law or broken it, when he rents out his public housing flat to Wei Woon? Recently separated from her husband she finds no comfort in the flat which has one of its rooms locked. Meanwhile Kai Sheong has his own troubles with a wife who may be unfaithful. It all comes to a head when they both find out what's inside The Locked Room.

2. Waste Wood and Powder Sausage (4 min, directed by Ho Chun How, 2003)

Animated short which is a dark melodrama set in a city full of greed. Made by a student of MultiMedia University.

3. Two Left Feet (8 min, directed by Chi Too, Kerstin Mcguire, Chan Jinli and Yap Wan Ying, 2002)

The struggles of a working class student stuck with the troubles bought upon by his two left feet, seen from a totally different perspective. A group student project at Kolej Damansara Utama.

4. 8.8% (6 min, Directed by Farah, 2003)

These six minutes are designed to change your mind about alcohol. Are you ready?

5. Father (13 min, Australia-Malaysia, Directed by Shamyl Othman, 2002)

In the isolation of a country town, faith may take a boy away from his father. Shot in Australia, where the director studied at the Victorian College of the Arts.

6. Second (18 min, Australia-Malaysia, directed by Shamyl Othman, 2001)

A man's passion for a game turns into an obsession, turning his son's love into fear. Selected for last year's Melbourne

International Film Festival.

7. The Last Train (19 min, directed by Kok Kai Foong, 2003)

A noisy city, a voice from the future, and the making of changes: A love story with some beautifully enigmatic imagery.

8. Tong Wah Heng (4 min, directed by Ng Ken Kin, 2003)

Nicely-shot meditation made in memory of an important figure in the life ofthe director.

9. Breakfast for David (4 min, Nimmala Shan, 2003)

A short study of how a simple, mundane act like making breakfast masks an event that is far more serious in consequence. Debut work by the 21-year old director. Produced by journalist Michael D'Oliviero.

10. Popiahs, Murtabaks and a Patriotic Donkey (4 min, directed by Zan Azlee, 2003)

Sarcastic essay about the kiasu elements of Malaysian society, from the founder of the site.

11. 3-minute Life (3 min, directed by Linus Chung, 2003)

Experimental movie, comprising images and text, in which the director sets forth his thoughts on life.

12. "Apokalip Tiba a.k.a. Musibat Datang" (25 min, directed by Zyar Acoi, 2002)

When a student gets his money stolen, he suspects his housemate, causing a rift in their friendship. But who is the real culprit? Made at UiTM Shah Alam. Written by Abror Rivai (of "Tanjong Kelang"), photography by Raja Mukhriz ("KL Menjerit") and starring Zulkarnain Ibrahim ("Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee").

13. Tea-Time with John. (6 min, directed by James Lee, 2003).

The first work by James Lee to be made after attending the Talent Campus of this year's Berlin Film Festival. Starring Elaine Daly and Soraya Dean, who find themselves sharing a man, but end up having tea without him.