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"What Time is it There?" DVD

28 July 2003

Curated by Bernard Chauly

Audience Choice Awards:

Silver: CHOICE by Patrick Lim
Bronze: KANGKUNG by Choo Li Hsia

All titles:

1. Tool Shop Blues (Lizard / Debbie / Mamat / Jimmy, 2003, 2mins, experimental video)
No dialogue
A stills-in-motion exercise which explores music-concrete and sound design.

2. Scriptwriter (CJ, 2003, 10mins, drama)
Mandarin w/ English subtitles
Journeys with a scriptwriter who seeks liberation from writer's block

3. Children's Playground (Linus Chung, 2000, 6mins, action-drama)
"This work represents my more decadent expressions from a childhood obsessed with Jackie Chan. A simple premise and then a fight." (Linus Chung)

4. Kangkung (Choo Li Hsia, 2003, 8mins, drama)
Chinese & BM w/ English / Chinese / BM subtitles
A simple school assignment in the hand of a determined young girl becomes a harmonious exercise.

5, Bread Skin With Strawberry Jam (Liew Seng Tat, 2003, 9mins, drama)
Chinese w/ English subtitles
As the wait for their ride home becomes unbearable, this brother and sister duo truly offers bread skin with strawberry jam a delicious bite!

6. First Step (Lum Wai Him, 2003, 6mins, drama)
How far will a concerned teenage girl go to help her old pal overcome peer group influence?

7. Beyond The Door (Raymond Chuah, 2003, 5mins, drama)
What lies ahead for those who leave home, how do the people left behind deal with that departure?

8. A Lonesome First 24 (Arivind Abraham, 2003, 4mins, personal drama)
The experience of arriving at a university hall of residence spoken through image and music.

9. x-me (Roza, 2003, 1min, experimental video)
no dialogue
A young woman refuses to conform to characteristics expected of her.

10. Song For A Lost Child (Chia Chee Sum, 2003, 4.5mins, music video)
Featuring music by deadSTAR: become voyeurs into stylised vignettes, . . . some quite sado-masochistic.

11. A Problem Of Where? (Muhammad Adlan, 2003, 3mins, music video)
Featuring music by the Dendrophiliacs; a young man escapes into a dark fantasy that is erotic yet skin crawling. . . if you fear reptiles!

12. Choice (Patrick Lim, 2003, 23mins, drama / reality-dv)
"Taking certain elements from Dogme 95, Choice was conceived from a general outline. Through rehearsals, the characters improvised various scenarios. . . it tells the story of Naomi, a free-spirited Malay-Irish girl contemplating her marriage. . . about dysfunctional youth in our dysfunctional society." (Patrick Lim)

13. Evening News (Joshua Nawan Ding, 2003, 4mins, music video)
Featuring music by Jason Lo; an intriguing blend of live-action and news footage.